AI-powered technologies to improve sales and customer service

Key Benefits

Transcribed conversations
All incoming conversations are fully transcribed with pre-defined automatic categorization.
Faster agent coaching
Get examples of best practices that are at your fingertips.
Higher efficiency and easier monitoring of your agents
Figure out why your sales team is winning or losing deals.
Higher probability of sales wins
Find out which pitch works and increase deal closings.



Full transcript real-time

Automatic control and scoring processes

Search and filter with intuitive syntax

Trend analysis and monitoring

Detect fraud attemps with passive voice biometrics

Import interactions from all channels

Get to know which moments are important to win sales or prevent loosing them.

Get better control over your sales calls. Find out why your sales team is winning or losing deals. Learn how to make your sales growth.

Analyze and monitor trends with fully customizable categorisation.

Improved conversations that close more deals - it's time to get insights on customers behaviour patterns and provide your sales team with effective feedback.


We provide you with full stack technology

Intent recognition platform

VoiceLab intent recognition platform comes with pre-defined library of intents for banking, insurance and customer care. You can use libraries provided by us or add custom intents to build a dedicated voice assistant or chatbot.

Customer care IVR automation

VoiceLab intent recognition platform allows you to automate your customer care scenarios easily and quickly. Apart from on-site installation of our platform, we offer tools to reuse provided scenarios or modify and add new menus as required.

Cloud or on-device ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition)

We provide you with dedicated decoder for speech recognition, either cloud based or running fully on-device. We have optimized and implemented our decoder to run fully on small devices such as a Raspberry Pi or a mobile phone.

Active and Passive Voice Biometrics

We offer passive voice biometrics for fraud detection in phone conversations as well as active biometrics to help organizations and companies authenticate users’ identity.

Intent Recognition Use Cases

Use VoiceLab to improve your business service quality in any industry


C: I want to send some money today.
AI: OK, can you please specify the amount you want to send?
C: 50 $
AI: OK, noted down. Now who do you want to send money to?
C: Hannah Car Services, Portland.
AI: Surely. I would need your authorization password now to proceed with the transfer.
C: My voice is my password.
AI: Great, that’s what I wanted. Please hold on a moment while I transfer 50 $ to Hannah Car Services, Portland.
C: OK.
AI: Done.
C: Thanks!


C: Can you book me a dentist’s appointment tomorrow around 10 a.m.?
AI: OK, I’m checking doctors’ timetables. Any particular doctors you want to see?
C: Check Dr Mady, please. And maybe Dr Lopez, too.
AI: Unfortunately, Dr Mady is on vacation till next week. Dr Lopez is available tomorrow between 11.30 am and 1 pm.
C: Hmm… Ok, so make it 11.30 am please.
AI: Done. Anything else you want to check?
C: No, thank you!


AI: How can I help you?
C: Hi, I want to fill a claim.
AI: Surely. What happened?
C: My smartphone was stolen.
AI: I understand. I have to enter the item’s details first.
C: It’s Apple iPhone 7.
AI: What was its price?
C: It cost 619.99 $
AI: Do you happen to have the item’s receipt?
C: Eee…yes, I’ll scan it and it by email.
AI: Great. Was there anything else stolen or damaged?
C: No, it wasn’t.
AI: Did anyone get hurt?
C: No, luckily not.
AI: OK. Your claim report is filled. Is there anything else you want to add?
C: No, I’m done. Thanks!


C: There’s a long journey ahead of us. I need some good music to listen to.
AI: Surely. What kind of music do you prefer?
C: Anything, from rock to hip hop. The louder, the better.
AI: OK. Let’s kick off with “Satisfaction’ by Rolling Stones. And then I’ll follow with ‘Walk this way’ by Aerosmith.
C: Great choice! Thanks

20 minutes later…
C: Can we turn on some lighter music now? Jazz would be great.
AI: Here you are: ‘Sunrise’ by Norah Jones.
C: No, not so light! Play something by Herbie Hancock.
AI: OK. Here’s ‘Watermelon Man’
C: Thanks!

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